Role ICT odborníků a jejich klasifikace v podnikové praxi

Norbert Žid, Miloš Maryška, Petr Doucek

Specification of roles in the management of corporate ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are one of the most important and the most complex areas addressed in both practical and theoretical level. Very important is the classification of roles and their job description. The job description is important for universities that need to know what kinds of knowledge of students are expected by companies. The aim of this paper is to compare the basic classification of ICT based on the classification prepared by University of Economics, in Prague, ISCO classification CZ-ISCO-08 and other classifications that are used in the world.

The importance of mutual connections among classifications that are used in the Czech Republic is currently increasing. This is caused by the dynamic changes in the state sector.

Performance of other international classifications will help us create a vision of the objectives for which it is possible to achieve in the next steps, so that the maximum degree classifications meet the requirements of business practice and public sector.