Integrating e-learning system into university education

Milan Dado, Matilda Drozdová, Karol Matiaško, Monika Vajsová

The implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) in to education is a complex task depending on the accessibility of technology, know-how of study materials design, systems of monitoring, evaluation, the legal and regulatory framework and other issues. Regarding these facts; e-learning is not exploited broadly and effectively enough in the university education today. One of the reasons is lack of the methodology for solving such a complex problem. There is a need for the systematic oriented approach. This article presents such systematic oriented approach of e-learning and its integration one the real application in the education at the University of Zilina.

In general information and communication technology have brought fresh impetus to society, and education is not exception. They have brought and bring the possibility of new changes and these changes are called in education often e-learning. The meaning of this word is very often connected only with technology and its use in education is automatically assumed.

The liberal expression of Alan Kay quotation is: “New technology always bring the problem to us, but this in turn, is solved by the same new technology”. And ICT are the new technology for us and they the problem its bring we have to solved with them. [2]

Therefore the first problem, which ICT bring, has to be the educational problem. The technological problem is the second in this phase of ICT development. There are, of course other dimensions that have to be taken into account. Apart from the educational and technical problems there are also general economic and political situations, legal aspects as well as the attitude of the society towards the given changes. The above–mention aspects are relevant, but they also represent the challenge to be solved and overcome. They are not factors that will stop the incoming trend. The question can only be: How solved all this problems together? And the answer is: To find out the systematic approach which solved all the problems together.

Traditional universities certainly stand in the forefront of change that will require consistent preparation and system-oriented solutions for e-learning implementation. This system oriented approach to the education at universities, and also to the lifetime education is valid and essential.

The general systematic approach for the e-learning implementation is not recommended. But there are many general system approaches in the literature. Therefore we have studied same systematic approaches and have created the own methodology of the e-learning implementation. We used this methodology as a basic tool by the implementation of e-learning at the University of Zilina and used it in the project “Use of ICT and new generation platform in education”. Some experiences and important fact we describe below.

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